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You are the letter "a", the last living member of your kind. Escape the factory and find the power to transform deep within the planet.

  • Roll and smash as "o", slide through hidden passages as "i", ride the magnetic rails as "u", and harness electric speed with "e"!
  • Collect the energy of all 26 letters to save your species!
  • Escape the factory to reach the fully explorable underground temple!
  • Sneak past laser robots, outrun the Compactor, and fly out of reach of The Beast!
  • Time Trial mode: beat your best time!
  • Make a mistake and be melted, crushed, or sliced in half!
  • Hidden chambers for persistent, curious players!
  • Chinese mode! Transform into 火, 电, ,, and !

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你是"火", 你是你种族存世的唯一遗族. 逃离这所工厂, 找回你的力量, 深入星球内部, 去改变它吧!

  • "土"粉碎墙壁, "冰"潜行穿越隐藏通道, "磁"驭磁波而行, "电"以电光之速行进
  • 收集其它汉字的能量, 拯救你的族群吧!
  • 逃离工厂, 开始探索地下神殿吧!
  • 摆脱激光机器人, 逃脱巨大的机器, 一路飞奔到怪物面前!
  • 限时模式:打破你的最好记录吧!
  • 操作失误会被毫不留情的熔化, 碾碎, 或切成两半哟!
  • 隐藏的洞穴, 只为坚持不懈, 充满好奇的玩家开启.
  • 英文模式, 切换至a, e, i, o, u.


aeiouLotLLVer1.07.exe 2 MB

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